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Disabled people and their organisations have brand

first_imgDisabled people and their organisations have branded this week’s budget misguided and cruel, and say it will drag many more disabled people into poverty.Their chief target was the chancellor’s decision to remove – from April 2017 – the extra financial support given to new claimants in the work-related activity group (WRAG) of employment and support allowance (ESA), the out-of-work disability benefit.But there were also warnings of the impact on disabled people of freezing until 2020 most working-age benefits, although not disability living allowance (DLA) or personal independence payment (PIP).Another concern was over cutting the benefit cap from £26,000 to £20,000 a year for those outside London, and to £23,000 for those in the capital, although this again will not apply to those claiming PIP or DLA.Liz Sayce, chief executive of Disability Rights UK, said: “Today’s announcements offered disappointment, not practical support, and will leave swathes of disabled people worse off.”Sayce pointed to the decision to scrap the extra support given to disabled people in the WRAG – which at current rates would see weekly payments fall from about £102 a week to £73 – which she said was “a bitter blow”.She said: “Many disabled people want to work. Becoming disabled through an accident, or getting cancer, or some other condition, can happen to anyone.“Managing that kind of life changing event is hard enough; a 30 per cent drop in income makes it much, much, harder.”Sayce also pointed out that many disabled people would be hit by the decision to lower the benefit cap.She said: “Some disabled people are exempt from the benefit cap, but many are not – and that number is going to increase by around 20 per cent as disability living allowance is replaced by the new personal independence payment, which has much stricter criteria.”Robert Punton (pictured), a member of Disabled People Against Cuts, who took part in a protest against the budget in Westminster yesterday, said Osborne had launched an attack on the social model of disability.He said: “It is a return to the medical model: ‘We will look after you, we will put you back into institutions. We will stop you from contributing to your communities because we do not see you as having a value to our communities.’”Peter Beresford, co-chair of the national service-user network Shaping Our Lives and professor of social policy at Brunel University, said: “The budget offers nothing positive and more problems for disabled people if they are in employment or seeking it or need the support of benefits.“The budget cuts benefits but doesn’t address improving employment access or opportunities for disabled people; the traffic is in the opposite direction.” But he suggested that the budget “may have the opposite effect to that intended”, as “more and more groups, individuals and families, young and older, are brought into the orbit of welfare reform”.He said: “Instead of divide and rule, it may result in new understandings between groups, new alliances and new mobilising.”Laura Stringhetti, of the WOWcampaign, said: “Lowering the weekly amount people receive when in the WRAG, which would be the same as claimants receive when on JSA, will have a profound, negative impact on many people.“The amount of money JSA pays is enough to survive on a short-term basis; it is not enough to allow an adequate standard of living to people who might be unable, through no fault of their own, to find employment in a labour market often not prepared to employ chronically-ill and disabled people.“This is another cruel blow, after several cuts to benefits and services that have already made it more difficult for disabled people to be included and contribute to society.”John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said the WRAG cut was “a barbaric act”.He said: “Arbitrarily cutting £30 per week from sick and/or disabled people who, in a vast number of cases, have wrongly been found to have limited capability for work under the bogus work capability assessment regime – and so placed in the WRAG group with statistically no real hope of finding work and every chance of ending up destitute at food banks for failure to comply with conditionality – is an utterly despicable act of cruelty.“Many will end up on the streets, or worse.“On a wider scale, millions of families are about to experience immiseration on a scale not seen in Britain since the 1930s.”Pat Onions, founder of Pat’s Petition, said Osborne had demonstrated the “total confusion” within the government about the nature of the WRAG.She said: “People are put in the WRAG because they are tested by the work capability assessment (WCA) and judged currently not to be able to work.“But once they are in the WRAG this result is ignored and they are treated as if their condition has miraculously improved and they can now get a job.“For most people in the WRAG, their condition is permanent or deteriorating, so why having been judged not to be able to get a job at the WCA are they suddenly expected to be able to get a job?”She added: “The logic of the test says that most people in the WRAG cannot get jobs. All the evidence shows that most people in the WRAG are not getting jobs.“So why is the government inflicting sanctions, time limits and now an income reduction to pressurise them into getting jobs?”Meanwhile, the Institute for Fiscal Studies – whose work is often quoted by ministers – said that Osborne’s WRAG move would strengthen a disabled person’s incentive to be placed in the ESA support group, where claimants are not required to carry out any work-related activity at all.The reaction to the budget on social media among disabled campaigners was equally critical.Dr Sarah Campbell, who tweets at @spoonydoc, said: “Fairly surprised no one talking about reduction in disability benefit by A THIRD! #budget2015 Will just make people poor, not help get jobs.”Disability consultant and campaigner Jane Young tweeted: “Reducing ESA for those in the WRAG confirms that Govt fails to understand extra barriers to work faced by disabled jobseekers.”The disabled activist and blogger Steve Sumpter, who tweets at @latentexistence, said: “I’m currently in the ESA support group, and get DLA high-rate mobility. In theory I’m one of the vulnerable people Tories claim to protect.“In practice, I’m f*****g terrified. I’m one assessment away from the work related activity group, one assessment from losing DLA.”Fellow disabled blogger David Gillon said: “When it resorts to claiming disabled ppl are lazy and don’t want to work #Budget2015 engages in worst kind of scrounger rhetoric.”Paul Farmer, chief executive of the mental health charity Mind, said: “Reducing the amount provided to those in the work related activity group of ESA from about £5,000 to £3,500 a year will make people’s lives even more difficult and will do nothing to help them return to work.”He said that almost three-fifths of people on jobseeker’s allowance move off the benefit within six months, whereas nearly three-fifths of people in the WRAG need that support for at least two years.He said: “It is unrealistic to expect people to survive on £73 a week for this length of time.“We’re concerned that the impact of these changes will be felt by our overstretched NHS services, as these cuts hit individuals’ mental health as well as their pockets.”He added: “It is insulting and misguided to imply that ill and disabled people on ESA will be more likely to move into work if their benefits are cut.“The vast majority of people with mental health problems want to work but face significant barriers as a result of the impact of their condition and the stigma they often face from employers.”last_img read more


Nearly 60 of LabourList readers think Jeremy Corb

first_imgNearly 60% of LabourList readers think Jeremy Corbyn is the best Labour leader of the last ten years, a recent survey has found.Responding to a poll celebrating LabourList’s tenth anniversary, 2,885 readers gave their views on Labour leaders, events and campaigns since the website’s launch in January 2009.59.5% of all those surveyed believed Corbyn to be the best leader of the last ten years, while almost 30% preferred Gordon Brown and only 10.6% opted for the incumbent’s predecessor, Ed Miliband.The LabourList poll also found a majority of readers favoured the 2017 general election over other campaigns held since 2009, with Corbyn’s 2015 and 2016 leadership campaigns taking second and third place in their ranking.The outcome of the snap election in 2017, which saw Labour win 40% of the vote, came third in the poll on Labour Party events, as Corbyn’s leadership election victories topped the list.Below is a detailed breakdown of the questions and readers’ responses.Who has been the best UK Labour Party leader of the last ten years?Click to enlargeJeremy Corbyn – 59.5% (1,718)Gordon Brown – 29.9% (862)Ed Miliband – 10.6% (305)What has been your favourite Labour Party event of the last ten years?Jeremy Corbyn winning the 2015 leadership election – 31.8% (910)Jeremy Corbyn winning the 2016 leadership election – 31.6% (904)Winning 40% share of the vote in 2017 – 30.2% (863)Becoming the largest party in Western Europe – 22.3% (639)The 50% top tax rate introduced in 2010 – 20.6% (588)Replacing the electoral college with one-member-one-vote – 19.7% (564)Gordon Brown withdrawing forces from Iraq – 16.5% (472)“Ed Balls” tweet – 6.2% (177)Sheila from Bolton West inviting thousands from across the UK to her CLP meeting – 5.2% (148)Jennie Formby becoming general secretary – 4.7% (133)Iain McNicol becoming general secretary – 4.4% (125)Ed Miliband winning the 2010 leadership election – 4% (115)Allowing registered supporters to join – 2.8% (79)“Hell yes, I’m tough enough.” – 2.8% (79)The EdStone unveiling – 1.4% (39)What was your favourite campaign of the last ten years?Click to enlarge2017 general election – 39% (1,091)Jeremy Corbyn’s 2015 leadership campaign – 16.4% (457)Jeremy Corbyn’s 2016 leadership campaign – 15.7% (440)Yvette Cooper’s 2015 leadership campaign – 4.9% (136)David Miliband’s 2010 leadership campaign – 4% (111)2014 Scottish independence referendum – 3.8% (106)Owen Smith’s 2016 leadership campaign – 3.2% (89)Liz Kendall’s 2015 leadership campaign – 2.8% (78)Ed Miliband’s 2010 leadership campaign – 2.4% (66)2016 EU referendum – 2.1% (60)Andy Burnham’s 2015 leadership campaign – 1.7% (48)2011 AV referendum – 1.3% (37)Andy Burnham’s 2010 leadership campaign – 1.3% (35)Ed Balls’ 2010 leadership campaign – 0.9% (24)Diane Abbott’s 2010 leadership campaign – 0.6% (16)Thank you to all 2,885 readers who took part in our anniversary survey.Tags:Labour /Survey /Jeremy Corbyn /Survey Results /reader survey /LabourList anniversary /last_img read more


Striker Sent to Hospital on Day 14 of Hunger Strike

first_img 0% Following a morning health scare that sent hunger striker Sellassie Blackwell to the hospital, the 39-year-old rapper and activist is back at the campsite in front of Mission Police Station where a group of five activists have been camping and fasting for 14 days.“We are getting weak, it’s the fourteenth day, we are not superman,” said Blackwell, leaning against a wall near the entrance of the police station at 17th and Valencia streets. “I’m tired. My blood was low, it was all bad.”Blackwell said that earlier this morning he fainted in his tent and checked into the hospital, heeding the advice of doctors who were concerned about his health following a check-up on Saturday.Along with four other strikers, the rapper has vowed to go on a hunger strike to demand police reform. They are protesting the killings of minorities at the hands of San Francisco Police officers and are calling for the ousting of Police Chief Greg Suhr or Mayor Ed Lee. #Frisco5‘s Sellassie Blackwell is back at Mission station after morning health scare #hungerforjusticesf— Mission Local (@MLNow) May 5, 2016 Tags: protests • SFPD Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img At around 11 a.m., Blackwell notified his supporters of his health condition by posting on his Facebook page, “In the emergency room. Blood work…I hope. Pray for me y’all.”Blackwell was checked into USCF for additional blood testing, and as of noon it was unclear how long he would remain or if his fast could be compromised.Back at the campsite at 6 p.m., Blackwell said that is blood tests were not alarming and that he and the other strikers will continue to receive daily check-ups by medical professionals.They have “no plans to quit, but are back at the drawing board,” said Blackwell in reference to the strike, which is now entering its third week.He also pushed back against criticism from onlookers who wondered about the severity of the strikers’ health conditions. The group is still taking in calories through their consumption of coconut water and chicken broth.“I’m sure everyone who says that eats two to three meals a day,” said Blackwell. “We are putting our lives on the line beyond the [effects of not eating]. We are out here camping, vulnerable every night.”When asked if he feared retaliation, Blackwell said “Every police officer in San Francisco knows my name.” “There was some concern for him on Saturday so they took him in today,” said Maria Cristina Gutierrez, the director of a local preschool who initiated the hunger strike, shortly after Blackwell was sent to the hospital. “We made sure he did not go to General Hospital, they are beautiful people, but after everything we’ve been through, we don’t trust the city anymore.”The remaining strikers at the camp outside of the police station said that they receive daily visits by medical professionals that include checking their vitals, and that a doctor was concerned for Blackwell’s well-being following an examination over the weekend.“There’s a possibility that he may be hospitalized and may have to quit the strike,” said Gutierrez.On Saturday, Gutierrez was also alarmed when doctors advised her to undergo a chest X-ray because she was breathing irregularly, and said they suspected pneumonia. Doctors have advised her to stay active, and Gutierrez said she follows their suggestion by taking walks around the station.But Gutierrez said that she is “fine” and that her younger counterparts should follow her example.“I have been taking care of myself by staying inside [of the police station], but they are out there talking to people,” said Gutierrez. “The sun is hot, you feel like you are going to faint. I tell them to come inside, but they don’t listen. When you are young you think you will come out of this no matter what. I don’t want to die here.”Doctors explained to Mission Local that a variety of health complications can result from even a partial hunger strike.The group of protesters that includes two rappers, two educators, and a local politician embarked on the strike with a clear message — that they would refuse solid foods until their demands are met. By signing a form refusing to be force-fed should their health deteriorate, they say that they are very well aware that the hunger strike could lead to long-term health complications and even death.“My muscles are getting sore,” said candidate for D9 supervisor Edwin Lindo, adding that doctors have advised the strikers that they are entering a critical phase in the strike in terms of their health. “As you approach the third week, your body goes into severe survival mode.”Each of the strikers have lost somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds due to a liquid diet that includes water, coconut water, vitamin supplements, and chicken broth.  During the initial days of the strike, Lindo and preschool teacher Ike Pinkston collapsed after experiencing lightheadedness and dizzy spells, though both say that they are now more or less adjusted to functioning without food.“Our bodies are on another level,” said Lindo. “There are extreme waves of energy, but that’s not sustainable.”Pinkston said that for him, thoughts of his deteriorating health are becoming more frequent.“During my last check-up the doctor told me I was dehydrated,” said Pinkston.”They stuck me several times with needles and blood wouldn’t come out. Now that Sellassie is in the hospital, I’m kinda worried.”Pinkston said that he has felt fatigued in the last few days, a state that in part is due being deprived of food, but also a lack of proper sleep.“Every time I crawl into my tent they keep pulling me out to talk to the media, to visitors, for meetings,” said Pinkston. The strikers say that these visits and social interactions encourage them to go forward with the strike, but that they can also be draining.Yesterday, under the noon sun, the group spearheaded a march of some 800 supporters from their campsite at Mission Station to City Hall, where they planned to confront Mayor Lee. Though accompanied by medical students who pushed the strikers nearly two miles in wheelchairs, the day’s events took a toll on the starving activists.“Last night exacerbated our health [problems],” said Lindo. “Mama [Gutierrez] was screaming at the board of supervisors for 20 minutes. I think that [much action is] having a severe effect on our health.”Blackwell said that Tuesday’s march was trying for all.“The wheelchair rolling around on Mission Street, I had a many headache,” he said. “It was also disappointing because there was such a build up the whole day, we were so high, and then we get to city hall and find out that Lee is not there.”While expressing concerns for his own health, rapper Equipto, whose legal name is Ilych Sato, said that he worries about his mother, 66-year-old hunger striker Gutierrez.“Sellassie is scared, and we all are.  I’m mostly scared for the well-being of my mother,” said Equipto. “I know she won’t quit, she’s too stubborn like, me.”This story has been updated.  last_img read more


Textgate Supreme Court swats case clearing San Francisco to pursue discipline of

first_imgThe California Supreme Court today declined to hear an appeal in the legal case emanating from San Francisco’s Textgate scandal, clearing the path for the city and its police department to renew disciplinary proceedings against the officers involved. Today’s move takes the case out of the legal system and puts it back before the city’s Police Commission.Before the accused officers took the case to court three years ago, that’s where then-Chief Greg Suhr sent their cases, recommending that eight of the officers be fired. Six other officers faced lesser charges, including two cases that went to the Police Commission and four that were handled by Suhr.“The court made the right decision. Police should not have to compromise a criminal case in order to discipline officers accused of appalling behavior,” said City Attorney Dennis Herrera today. Now, he concluded, “These officers can answer to the Police Commission.”   The text messages — in which a cadre of 14 officers bandied about outrageously bigoted and offensive messages such as “All niggers must fucking hang” — emanated from a federal investigation of the San Francisco Police Department. Today’s decision brings an end to an effort by the officers ensnared in the scandal to avoid a final hearing before the Police Commission by arguing that the SFPD failed to file cases against them prior to the conclusion of a one-year statute of limitations.   The Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights, (POBR) establishes that one-year statute to complete — yes, complete — an investigation into alleged police misconduct. That’s a perk few, if any, other workers in California benefit from. A 2015 decision by Judge Ernest Goldsmith sided with the officers,  finding that SFPD Internal Affairs became aware of the texts in 2012 — but sat on them until 2014, longer than the one-year statute would permit. The texts were uncovered during an investigation that concluded with former Mission Station sergeant Ian Furminger being sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in 2015 for leading a ring of out-and-out criminals within the force who robbed and stole from suspects and other powerless people whose words would never be believed over those of a sworn officer of the law.Herrera appealed Goldsmith’s finding, and a May 2018 ruling by Judge Martin Jenkins of the First Appellate Court reversed it. Jenkins’ decision took into account that, until the conclusion of the investigation of Furminger and his clique, the text messages could not be released to the proper SFPD internal authorities — meaning the statute of limitations did not start ticking until 2014. “The one-year statute of limitations did not begin to run until the text messages were released” by the U.S. Attorney’s office to SFPD internal affairs, Jenkins wrote, “because before then, the alleged misconduct was not and could not be discovered by the person[s] authorized to initiate an investigation.”A number of the offending cops have been on paid leave for the past three years, complete with health benefits, in the city’s literal or figurative rubber room. Six of them, Chief Bill Scott told Mission Local earlier this year, have already left the department. While the state Procedural Bill of Rights provides anonymity for the accused officers, the names that have been publicly reported to date include Rain Daughtery, Michael Robison, Michael Wibunsin, Richard Ruiz, Sean Doherty, Angel Lozano, Noel Schwab, Michael Celis and Jason Fox — a captain. “Both the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal recognized what the law says: SFPD can and should investigate and prosecute corrupt officers before moving on to police misconduct revealed during the investigation,” Herrera said today. “Officers accused of misconduct don’t get a free pass just because their texts came to light during a corruption investigation.” Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newslettercenter_img Email Addresslast_img read more


BORN in St Helens on 10th April 1948 Dave Chisna

first_imgBORN in St. Helens on 10th April 1948, Dave Chisnall was a member of a famous rugby league family, whose brothers, Eric and Les were also prominent in the code.He was a burly front-rower, who was totally uncompromising; he had a surprising turn of pace and a brilliant side-step too and just as important, he was a member of the 1970 Great Britain squad that beat the Aussies Down Under!This was many of Dave’s achievements in a twenty-year playing career that encompassed Leigh (twice), Warrington (twice), Swinton, Saints and Barrow. His greatest years were undoubtedly at Warrington, where he appeared in seven major finals, including Wembley successes in 1974 and 1975.Dave joined the Saints [and his brother Eric!] after his second spell at Leigh and made his debut against Wakefield on 23rd January 1977. At the end of the season, he picked up a Premiership winner’s medal, when St. Helens beat Warrington and twelve months later was at Wembley once again, although Saints lost to Leeds in one of the great Challenge Cup finals.After over a hundred matches in the red vee, he was transferred to Barrow in December 1979 for £7,500 and helped to sustain the high profile that the Cumbrian outfit had at the time.Dave was also a valued assistant coach, at Leigh, Warrington and, with Alex Murphy at the helm, helped get the Saints to Wembley in 1987, although they were beaten by Halifax. It is difficult to say when Dave actually retired from playing, however, as he seemed to pull on the boots to help out at the slightest premise!Dave worked at Pilkingtons for a spell and later was steward at City Road. He also worked at Whiston Hospital too and he kept in touch with the modern game with his membership of the Warrington and Saints’ Past Player Associations.Advice for any budding front-rower: look at the DVDs and see this guy in action, he was quite something! His passing is such a sad loss for his family and for rugby league – as it used to be played!Everyone at Saints would like to pass on their sympathies to the Chisnall family at this sad time.last_img read more


SAINTS Heritage collection received a most welcome

first_imgSAINTS Heritage collection received a most welcome Christmas boost when one of Alan Prescott’s international caps was presented to the club.In a special handover, Frank Dickinson, from Wigan saw the iconic cap placed in the Heritage Alcove in the Saints’ Superstore.“It really does seem appropriate that the cap has come home,” said Frank, who had previously enjoyed a tour of the stadium with Kel Coslett and later presented the cap to the Saints’ Club President, with Les Kay, Peter Harvey and Alex Service also in attendance.Peter Harvey explained the circumstances behind the presentation: “Frank met [former Pilkington Recs star] Les Kay while they were on holiday in Torquay and mentioned to him that he had Alan Prescott’s Test cap, but he didn’t know what to do with it“Les phoned me from their hotel and the end result is that the cap is here at Langtree Park! I never played with, nor for Alan, but I met him a number of times when the Past Players Association was formed and he was always a very considerate gentleman.“He was a real St. Helens icon, as a player, club captain, international captain and leader of men. Many people knew him far better than me, but it was my telephone number that Les Kay had in his pocket that night in Torquay. Thank you to Les and even greater thanks to Frank Dickinson for looking after that cap, given into his safekeeping.”last_img read more


NATHAN Brown said Wigan were simply far better tha

first_imgNATHAN Brown said Wigan were simply far better than Saints on Good Friday and they must quickly learn the lessons from the defeat.His side have been unbeaten this season – but their luck ran out against the Warriors.“They were far better than us today. Sean O’Loughlin took us to school,” he said. “He was by far and away the best player on the field and showed why he is one of the best players in the world. That’s why Shaun Wane saves him for the big games.“We’ve had our fair share of problems on the injury front but over the last week we’ve had some consistency in training which has been good.“But we have been consistently dropping the ball from the kick off and we have to learn. We have been carrying players who aren’t putting in their best. They have been below par and some of the more talented players and other players have been carrying them through.“Wigan have two trophies for a reason and you can’t carry players against them. We didn’t have enough players at the level they needed to be to beat a champion side.“We had some nice attacking good ball sequences in the first half but our yardage attack wasn’t very smart. It put our kicking game under pressure. Wigan dominated some field position.“In the second half when we got momentum we turned the ball over. You can’t beat any side completing like that in the second half let alone Wigan.”He continued: “We didn’t learn any lessons from previous games and now we have to heed some good advice that is staring at us.”Brown and Saints now turn their attention to Monday’s match at Widnes.“We have a number of plans but even the best laid plans don’t come into play at Easter,” he continued. “We will see how we are tomorrow. There will be a fair number of players that just won’t be playing, that’s for sure.“But there’s some players who we will definitely want to play. Some players need to play as they aren’t playing well enough. That’s the reality of it. Some won’t play because we don’t want them to. We have some good young kids who are ready to go, who played well against Leeds.“There are a number of things we can look at there but we won’t really know that one until tomorrow or Sunday to be honest. There will be fair number of players just won’t be up for the game – but that is the reality for a number of squads across the league.”last_img read more


KEIRON Cunningham was pleased with his charges as

first_imgKEIRON Cunningham was pleased with his charges as they came from behind to beat Hull KR at Langtree Park on Friday night.Down 12-8 at half time, they staged a thrilling comeback to win 48-16.“I reminded them at half time who we are as a club and what we stand for,” Keiron said of that turnaround. “We started like a nervous team, but that is understandable considering we have come off the back of three performances which were solid but didn’t bring any points.“Hull KR came to play and they put us in some tough spots at times. But I said to the boys at half time that I knew there would be plenty of points as long as we could get the ball into the right areas.“Jon Wilkin and Jordan Turner dictated the game in the second half and they were outstanding in that period. James Roby was phenomenal and Alex Walmsley led from the front. His first stint was outstanding and I thought Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook and Joe Greenwood did well too. There were lots of positives.“Adam Swift finished his tries well. He has been through a sticky patch and we chatted in the week. The day after that conversation I thought he had his mojo back. Morgan Knowles showed the spirit we want at this club too.”He continued: “We have been in a tough situation but this result has been coming for a bit. Tonight, we didn’t start great but I thought for the final 50-odd minutes we looked like a side who could go on and do some special things.“I am really pleased for the players. They have been thought the mill a little so it’s all credit to them.“We were rolling one sub at the end of the game. In the face of adversity these are your best wins, and we’ve had a lot of adversity in the last few weeks.“It has been a tough month but we have come out of it with a little pride in the end in front of our home fans … and posted some points which can only help the egos.“The fans have been great; we had a real good following last week at Catalans and I’m glad the team did a job in the second half for them.”KC confirmed that Theo Fages has damaged his medial ligament in Perpignan and will miss the next few weeks as he recovers.last_img read more


Cycle for Youth Science kicks off with 120mile ride

first_img Condon said kids participate in scientific research that includes marine, environmental and atmospheric sciences, urban ecology, and computer engineering and programming. The organization recently got a sponsorship from nCino, which will allow them to expand their programs.Tomorrow, Condon kicks off “The Tour de Cape Fear”, which will include a 120-mile ride through Pender, Sampson and Duplin counties to raise awareness about the program in rural communities.On Saturday, the organization is holding a fundraiser with A Bike for Every Child called “Cycle for Youth Science”. The community Bike-A-Thon fundraiser is Saturday from 8-10:30 a.m. at Greenfield Lake Park in Wilmington. Registered participants will get sponsors and raise funds based on miles cycled during the event. Post-race prizes will be awarded for money raised, miles cycled and more.The goal is to raise $30,000 for programs. All funds raised by the “Cycle for Youth Science” program will kick start YSA’s program in downtown Wilmington to provide an interactive “think tank” research facility and artistic space at the Jo Ann Carter Harrelson Center.Registration is open until race day for $40 and includes:Park and race fees,Cycle for Youth Science t-shirt,Science and cycling SWAGAll race amenities and services,Post race healthy snacks food and drinks.For more details and to register, visit NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — This weekend, there is a bike ride event to support teaching kids science, technology, engineering and math; however, before that, an organizer is taking his two wheels all across local counties.Rob Condon is the executive director for the Young Scientist Academy, a non-profit that works to engage youth, especially in under-served communities, by providing services at minimal or no cost. Through career-building experiences, YSA aims to provide leadership, skills and confidence and establish partnerships and service opportunities with local communities.- Advertisement – YSA is always looking for volunteers. If you have expertise in science, technology, art, engineering, math, or just want to get experience yourself, contact Dr. Rob Condon at or (910) 386-1867.last_img read more


Fayetteville VA inland sites open coastal sites closed

first_imgWilmington Health Care Center (Photo: WWAY) FAYETTEVILLE, NC (Press Release) — Here is the latest information about operating status of Fayetteville VA Medical Center and its associated sites of care.Fayetteville VA Medical Center coastal clinics closed.Wilmington Health Care Center closed thru Mon, Sept. 24Brunswick County CBOC closed thru Fri. Sept. 21.Jacksonville CBOC (Henderson Drive, Brynn Marr, and Josh Court) closed thru Fri, Sept. 21.Jacksonville Camp Lejeune locations (Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) and Hadnot Clinic) closed thru Fri, Sept. 21. (Note: restricted access to Camp Lejeune in effect until Sept. 24. In addition, Hadnot Clinic is inaccessible; VA Primary Care Team embedded there will relocate to Jacksonville CBOC’s Brynn Marr Road location)- Advertisement – Fayetteville VA’s inland outpatient clinics — Hamlet, Goldsboro, Robeson County, and Sanford CBOCs are open.Fayetteville Health Care Center, Fayetteville Rehabilitation Clinic and Fayetteville Dialysis Center are open.Fayetteville VAMC inpatient operations and Urgent Care Center at the main campus, 2300 Ramsey St location are open year-round.Related Article: Man tied to 2012 murder now charged in Taco Bell robberyMedical Center officials stress these operating schedules are subject to change and will communicate any updates as available.Patients at all our clinics are being contacted to reschedule cancelled appointments.For the latest updates, visit the Fayetteville VAMC Facebook page at; you may also check our FNCVAMC web page or call 1 (910) 488-2120 or 1 (800) 771-6106.last_img read more