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State rep. Frye on ‘Indiana Grown’

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Demand for locally grown products is at an all-time high, and this summer there will be plenty of opportunities to buy Hoosier-sourced goods across the state. Many grocery stores, farmers markets, convenience marts and restaurants are participating in the Indiana Grown initiative, a program designed to help keep local dollars in our communities while providing consumers goods sourced in our state. Support Hoosier businesses and farmers this summer by buying local and looking for the Indiana Grown label, kiosk or products.Indiana Grown supports products grown, raised, produced and processed by Hoosiers. Indiana is the 10th-largest farm state in the nation, but consumers often purchase food produced outside of the state. With 57,500 farms on 19-million acres of farmland, forestry and woodlands, we have easy access to fresh local food. Buying locally grown and prepared products supports job creation and builds sustainable communities, while preserving Indiana’s agricultural heritage.The Indiana Grown website,, is a great place to learn more about the initiative and explore the Indiana Grown community. There, Hoosiers can connect with more than 1,000 members that include farmers, businesses, artisans, grocers, restaurants and more. Recipes featuring Indiana Grown products are available, and events ranging from 4-H fairs to festivals and farmers markets are highlighted with information on how to get involved. A local shopping guide providing the location of businesses that sell Indiana Grown products is also available.To get involved in the Indiana Grown initiative and receive free assistance in marketing your local goods, visit is a great time to get out and explore all of the locally sourced products and services that Indiana has to offer. Indiana Grown works to support Hoosier businesses throughout the state and in our community, and the next time you are out be sure to look for the Indiana Grown label, kiosk or products. To learn more about the Indiana Grown initiative visit For other questions or input contact me at or 371-234-3827.last_img read more