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Hadi Shrine Circus Elephants Parade Around Downtown Evansville

first_imgCHANNEL 44 NEWS: Hadi Shrine Circus Elephants Parade Around Downtown EvansvilleNOVEMBER 23rd, 2017  BRITNEY TAYLOR EVANSVILLE, INDIANA Here’s something you don’t see everyday, elephants parading in downtown Evansville. The two elephants are a part of the 84th annual Hadi Shrine Circus that kicks off on Thanksgiving Day.The impromptu parade included the elephants, circus performers, and, of course, the ring master. Circus organizers say this Thanksgiving tradition promises traditional thrills and memories that will last a lifetime.Dale Thomas, spokesperson for Hadi Shrine Circus, said, “This is the last of the great three circuses in the United States. It’s not our last circus but it is the last. There have been other circuses that have gone out of business, we’re a great three ring circus. I was talking to Ari yesterday, who’s the ring master and he says, “I do around 30 shrine circuses a year and this is by far the largest and the best circus we ever do.””The Hadi Shrine Circus will be at the Ford Center, Starting Thursday, November 23rd at 5 p.m.There will also be three shows on Friday, November 24th and Saturday, November 25th and a matinee on Sunday, November 26th.For tickets, visit Hadi Shrine Circus.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more