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When the Kop worshipped a saint

first_imgRoad transport Share on Twitter Topics Share on Facebook letters Scotland Sign up for Bookmarks: discover new books in our weekly email Share on WhatsApp Vegan food and drink Share on Messenger Share on LinkedIn • How sad that Dave Collins (Letters, 13 June) felt the need to trot out the trope about vegans and meat-free versions of sausages and burgers. It’s the animal cruelty inherent in the consumption of meat that we abhor. We’ll eat our plant-based diet in whatever form we choose, thanks. And if we want to get more youngsters to sit at the vegan table, then “fake” bangers and burgers offer a great introduction.Ian PickfordGlasgow• Vic Marks claims that Scotland’s victory over England in the one-day cricket match in Edinburgh (Report, Sport, June 13) “could be appreciated on either side of Hadrian’s Wall”. I doubt it, as both sides of the wall are in England.Harry WatsonEdinburgh• Kenny Dalglish may be the first to be knighted but Liverpool FC has a long history of honoured players – St John played centre-forward for the club (Letters, 13 June; Report, 9 June).Steve ElliotLondon• My father owned a Morris Minor and one day pulled up at a set of traffic lights next to a Bentley (Letters, 12 June). The owner of the Bentley lowered his passenger side window and called to my father: “That, sir, is a real car!”Richard BartleyHenllan, Denbighshire• Join the debate – email [email protected]• Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit Veganism Read more Liverpool Share via Email Brief letters Share on Pinterest Arthur C Clarke As with so many things, Arthur C Clarke foresaw the contamination of other worlds (Letters, 14 June) in his short story Before Eden, published in Amazing (June 1961), which relates the arrival and departure of an Earth spaceship to Venus, and its consequences. He also foresaw the rise of internet pornography in I Remember Babylon, published in Playboy (March 1960).Tom DawkesDinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan Reuse this contentlast_img read more