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Watch EAs Gamescom press conference right here

first_imgAs one of the big publishers preparing for the next generation of game consoles, EA’s press conference at Gamescom 2013 looks to be full of new information about the games we can’t wait to get our hands on.Whether you’re drooling into the floor for Titanfall, strangely curious about Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, or eager to hear about what’s new in FIFA 14, the chances are good EA has something for you today.EA Games is at Gamescom this week with promises to deliver some new information about their upcoming games, as well as offer new demos for unreleased titles on the show floor. As we get closer to the launch windows for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, information like this is just enough to keep a firm grip on our wallets for the launch games.EA has already teased that FIFA 14 is going to be one of the big topics at the conference, but given the massive Titanfall logo plastered across the front of their booth it’d be difficult to imagine there won’t be some new info on that front, too.EA’s Gamescom press conference starts at 10AM EDT and is expected to last an hour. We’ll be following up the press conference with our thoughts on whatever gets discussed.last_img read more