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Watch NASA launch the Juno Jupiter spacecraft

first_imgNASA is about to launch the Juno spacecraft and begin its journey to Jupiter. You can watch the live stream of the launch right here.NASA’s latest mission involves sending a spacecraft on a long journey to the hostile planet of Jupiter. The aim is for Juno to go into orbit so we can learn more about what is below the clouds on the planet, which could help answer a few questions about our solar system and its formation.Getting Juno to Jupiter is no easy task. The distance to the planet is nearly 900 million kilometers, and it takes a radio wave travelling at the speed of light 34 minutes to reach us from Jupiter. NASA has worked out it has a 22 day window in which to launch Juno. If they miss the window, they have to wait another 13 months to try again. Even then, Earth will be required to act as a slingshot to get Juno up to speed and on its way. If all goes to plan Juno will reach Jupiter in 2016.Here’s an additional video explaining more about the purpose of Juno and what’s involved in the launch.More at NASA and Space.comlast_img read more