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Verizon Wireless delays Droid Charge launch due to LTE outage

first_imgYesterday was supposed to be a big day for Verizon Wireless customers: the Samsung Droid Charge was supposed to hit store shelves, giving customers two options when it came to handsets that used Big Red’s new 4G LTE network (the other being the ThunderBolt). Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless’ entire 4G LTE network went down earlier this week, and even though it came back into service yesterday, Samsung and Verizon Wireless decided to postpone the launch of the Droid Charge until everything’s stable again.Customers who ordered the Droid Charge will still be able to get their devices, but they won’t be much good – as part of the troubleshooting effort, Verizon Wireless cut off new activations on their 4G network until they could pinpoint the problem. Since the network was down, it’s not as though any new devices could have been successfully activated anyway. Even if the devices could have been activated over 3G, they wouldn’t have seen the drastic speed that Samsung and Verizon Wireless have been promising users would enjoy.At the same time, it also means that customers who want to stop by a Verizon Wireless store to pick up a Droid Charge won’t be able to buy one either, even though the devices are clearly in stores. Even though the network is back up Samsung and Verizon Wireless aren’t commenting just yet on when customers will be able to buy the Charge, and only say they’ll notify us with a new date when it’s available.It’s unfortunate, since Samsung had just wrapped up a pretty large marketing campaign around the launch of the Droid Charge. The campaign, for its part, is still on-going, and the Droid Charge scavenger hunt is in-progress. Verizon Wireless is apparently activating the Droid Charges that are being uncovered by contest participants around the country, so a formal release date can’t be far off.Read more at Business Insider and Twitter (@DroidLanding)last_img read more