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Eibar – Athletic | Shipwreck of the Atleti in Ipurua

first_imgThe rojiblancos looked for their clothes in the rain matching the intensity of the Eibar in duels and disputes, the rhythm, scratching possession. The break came after João tried to overcome Dmitrovic with a medium and medium petroleum jelly and Vitolo stumbled into the area and fell while Correa, who started the opportunity to pass the ball and picked up the rebound, collided knee to knee with the goalkeeper.To wait for Eibar after rest, while the first ball played was won by Saul. Statement of intents. The match was to be played by combining under and a few meters from the door of Dmitrovic. The team found Vitolo, looked for João, active, without the abrupt gesture of late, carried the ball from side to side a strap that, when taking a step inside, left the right wing for Arias to threaten their careers. The Eibar, neutralized, waited. The minutes passed in Ipurua without the rojiblanco goal coming. Simeone behind him had Adam, Lodi, Llorente and Hermoso with three kids. Morata nodded softly in the center of Saul. A Saul who walked the reverse path of other parties in 71 ’: Lodi entered, the youth player went to the middle. Mendilibar responded by removing the lining to his new signing: Cristóforo. Simeone sought the comeback in the final minutes on the quarry. “I have nothing else,” he seemed to shout at the box, the sterile team, the short staff, the market still open. Camel came in, João went upset, Clemente debuted, Oblak tried to avoid the inevitable before Expósito, that Eibar had let go. Three minutes were enough for an Atlético who broke the changes. Once he was able to take out the miracle hand, but the next no longer. It was 89 ’when Eibar merged again into a hug. That ball of Expósito undressed Atlético again in the constant rain, in the middle of January. And the usual problems. CardsReferee: Jesús Gil ManzanoVAR Referee: José Luis Munuera MonteroSaul (58 ‘, Yellow) Esteban Burgos (61 ‘, Yellow) Savic (84 ‘, Yellow ChangesRenan Augustus (72 ‘, Héctor Herrera), Cristoforo (73 ‘, Pedro León), Pablo De Blasis (79 ‘, Orellana), Sergio Camello (82 ‘, João Félix), Charles (86 ‘, Sergi Enrich), Oscar Clemente (86 ‘, Vitolo) He received Eibar at Atlético in Ipurua, premiering a central pair, Burgos-Bigas, and one purpose: to avoid that not a single rain that fell from the sky be dyed red and white on the grass. Without the mud that formed in past battles and against Atlético more offensive than yesterday he could go to Cholo (Correa, Vitolo; Morata, João), The Mendilibar team seemed to be a fencing master, fast and efficient, looking to hit the lunge from the first play. It was all his. The intention, the dominion, the occasions, the highest pressure, the hybrid grass. And Atlético, meanwhile, all cracks in the defense of the stopped ball. Neither Oblak nor the VAR could avoid the inevitable. They just delayed it.Because the first time Eibar approached the Slovenian goalkeeper, Pedro León did it by throwing a foul like a grenade About his goal. Oblak deactivated it with his miracle hand. And Enrich’s subsequent header, headline him and not Charles, too. Five later there were all the men of Mendilibra again before him, sniffing blood. Orellana had just taken a corner to Arias. Eibar took it from the right, Enrich prolonged, the man with the mask, Burgos, nodded to the net. The celebration was stopped by a pennant in the air. Offside. Until Gil Manzano put a finger to his ear: VAR review. Vitolo and Arias enabled. Valid. The whole Eibar ran to the band to merge into a hug while Atlético shivered naked in the rain.center_img Goals1-0, 9 ‘: Esteban Burgos, 2-0, 89 ‘: Edu Expósito Because all Cholo’s plans were stamped on the Mendilibar board. High pressure and defense, very high. The Eibar winner of each duel, dispute and second play. The Atleti getting tangled up like a ball in his passes inside, always one step behind. And missing the belt terribly from the last games. The first time that the Argentine appeared in the game was in the 25th minute to finish off without a conviction or soul a center of Vitolo, the first time the rojiblancos found their backs to Eibar. Shortly before Dmitrovic took a good hand against João and Cote would blind Morata once. He had to throw and decided to pass, 35 minutes. Atleti had just woken up in the middle of the game.last_img read more