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Despite Alleged Sexual Assaults Spain Remains Attached to Moroccan Seasonal Farmers

Rabat – According to El Norte de Castilla, the province of Segovia, northwest of Madrid will offer 268 contract to Moroccan seasonal farmers, who have moved to Spainfor the harvest season.The news outlet reported that the number of Moroccan seasonal workers in Spain reached 20,000, representing an increase of 35 compared to last year.The news outlet added that the workers started arriving in Spain for the campaign in February. The recruitment of Moroccan seasonal workers comes amid sexual assault allegations filed by some farmers in Huelva. The allegations date back to 2018, when a group of Moroccan female seasonal workers filed complaints against managers for allegedsexual abuse in Huelva, Spain.In May, the Provincial Court of Huelva ordered the reopening of the case after closing in it December 2018, without the judge hearing the testimonies of the complainants.In a new documentary aired on Salvados, Moroccan women who worked as seasonal migrants described the conditions they work in. In the interviews, Moroccan women condemned overcrowded living conditions, sexual abuse, and long, irregular hours. In response to the complaints, Morocco’s Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Moroccans Living Abroad and Immigration Affairs signed an agreement to monitor the situation of the Moroccan farmers in Spain.The agreement put in place a joint commission with Spanish authorities to organize visits to the Spanish farms to examine working conditions. read more