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The under 100g CO2 engine debuts at SMMT HQ

‘We were pleased to host the event, especially for something as fundamentally important to the British motor industry as this diesel engine’, said SMMT Chief Executive Christopher Macgowan. ‘If we are to address environmental issues in a sustainable manner, this type of approach has to be the way forward.’ The ULCCC is a two year, government-supported programme looking to develop an affordable, five-door vehicle with well-to-wheel CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km. The resulting vehicle must retain all the features of a conventional car in its class, whilst delivering equitable performance. Working within a UK government initiative, British engineering consultancy Zytek has developed an economical and environmentally friendly diesel engine which can be used in most popular vehicle sectors. Launched in early December at Forbes House in the presence of Dr Stephen Ladyman, minister of state for transport, this new technology means that vehicle owners could drive across London‘s extended congestion charge zone for just four pence of fuel. The demonstration vehicle was built for the UK government’s Ultra Low Carbon Car Challenge (ULCCC) and has exceeded all targets set for the programme, emitting an exceptional 85g/km CO2. At the launch, Dr Ladyman commented, ‘If we are going to cut carbon emissions from road transport we need innovative new technologies. This launch shows that there is the potential dramatically to reduce emissions from cars.’ The under 100g CO2 engine debuts at SMMT HQ Stephen Hart, transport programme manager with the EST, commends the development. ‘This is a considerable achievement. There is currently no production diesel hybrid and nothing that meets comparable cost targets. With Zytek’s technology, I can see this changing fairly soon.’Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more