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Trey Anastasio Tells Priceless Stories, Debuts Acoustic “Everything’s Right” In Tour Opener [Audio/Video]

first_imgFebruary’s Trey Anastasio solo acoustic run kicked off with a performance at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ. Similar to last year’s intimate acoustic run, Trey was relaxed and enjoying himself, cracking jokes, telling funny old stories, and offering up easy-going renditions of a slew of songs from both the Phish and Trey Anastasio Band catalogs.Trey Anastasio solo acoustic runs, at their core, are about creating the opportunity for intimate storytelling-oriented gatherings. They allow Anastasio, who largely lets his Languedoc speak for him, to open up and shoot the shit with a small audience. The 2018 Trey solo run began with that vibe intact. After opening with a “Blaze On” featuring a smattering of vocal jamming, Trey added an amusing “addendum” to a story from last year about him competing with the Jon Fishman‘s wife, Briar, over who was the better doomsday prepper. This time, the story revolved around cows and Trey’s amused anatomical ignorance regarding how they actually make milk.He continued with “one of his favorite songs,” “Brian and Robert”, followed by “Heavy Things”. Next, Trey explained that it was his late sister’s birthday, and spoke about Page McConnell‘s father, Dr. Jack McConnell, who passed away earlier this week, before dedicating a particularly emotional “Miss You” to both of their memories. Phish favorite “Strange Design” came next, followed by “Twenty Years Later”, a darker-sounding tune which once again sounded better than one might have expected as a solo acoustic number.The banter continued with an explanation of one of the weirder things that happened to be on Anastasio’s mind: the “tongue-eating louse,” a parasite that climbs in the gills of fish, living in their mouths and eating both the fish’s tongues and the food they consume until they die of starvation. Mused Anastasio, “So, like, you’ve got a big problem today, you woke up, you’re like ‘oh I’ve gotta talk to that guy, I’ve gotta do that thing at work.’ But you don’t have a tongue-eating louse…so it’s a great day!”The show continued with a run through “Wolfman’s Brother”, followed by the solo acoustic debut of “Everything’s Right” with some interesting jamming branching out of a strong riff similar to the one that anchored Phish’s 6/7/12 “Boogie On Reggae Woman”.Late 90’s Phish instrumental “The Inlaw Josie Wales” made a rare appearance next, and as the crowd cheered for its completion, Trey mindlessly began toying with the opening notes of “Sleeping Monkey”, which prompted an extra spike of excitement from the audience. “My fingers just started doin’ it,” Trey laughed, “…I’ll play it if you sing it. It is Page’s favorite song, and we’re right down the street [from his former home].” The audience responded in kind, belting out the silly song with gusto as Trey played and laughed along.Trey Anastasio – “Sleeping Monkey” – Morristown, NJ – 2/8/18[Video: LazyLightning55a]“Limb by Limb” came next, with the audience covering the second vocal part to impressive effect. Trey then told a story about comically messing with a young fan after a Phish show in Atlanta. After their encore, they received a call on the phone in their dressing room (which he answered, “Band room, Trey talking”). The caller was the worried mother of a 16-year-old fan who was attending his first concert (Note: Who knows how she got that number to call). The kid, Peyton Hooten, had called his mom from a pay phone after the show “sounding funny” (as many people sound after extracurricular activities at Phish shows) and exacerbated. He was 16 years old, this was his first concert ever, and he had lost all his friends…Trey could barely suppress his laughter as he recounted the tale.Trey responded to the worried mother, “You’ve got nothing to worry about Mrs. Hooten, I’ve got this…Give me his number, I’ll call you back in five minutes.” He explained how he went running down the hallway backstage, asking everyone where Peyton Hooten was. Immediately, he got security to find this kid (“You gotta realize, it’s still only like six minutes since we walked offstage”).He explains how he hopped on a golf cart and headed toward the payphones, where they had located the stupefied Peyton—and pulled right up to him, declaring “Peyton Hooten, your mother is worried sick about you!” Trey continued to laugh heartily as he imagined Peyton explaining to his friends how he found them again after they lost him: “‘Well, Trey picked me up on a golf cart…’ and they’re like ‘Alright man, sure…’” Make sure to give this story a listen. It’s more than worth the 7 minutes—it’s the kind of tale that makes Trey’s solo acoustic runs so unique. Watch fan-shot footage of Trey telling the story below.Trey Anastasio – Atlanta Fan Story – Morristown, NJ, 2/8/18[Video: Mark Van Etten]Anastasio also spoke with genuine love and sadness about his recently deceased friend Chris Cottrell, followed by the performance of a wistfully beautiful instrumental in his honor. Finally, Trey closed the set with a strong run of “Bathtub Gin” > “Chalkdust Torture” > “Back On The Train”.For the three-song encore, Trey opened with “Bouncing Around The Room”. Next, Trey pre-empted a performance of the Cottrell-referencing “Push On ‘Til The Day” by saying he’d tell a story about it. He stopped the song right after the line, “Pete threw a bomb, and he rang the pole,” to explain its origin: A mishap in a game of catch between former monitor mixer Pete Schall and a local crew person in California during soundcheck which ended with the crew member/receiver smacking head-on into a pole while running to catch Pete’s throw. The encore finally closed in earnest with the uplifting “More”.Trey Anastasio – “Push On ‘Til the Day” Football Toss Story – Morristown, NJ – 2/8/18[Video: LazyLightning55a]Trey continues his solo acoustic run tonight with a performance in Ithaca, NY.SETLIST: Trey Anastasio (Solo Acoustic) | Mayo Performing Arts Center | Morristown, NJ | 2/8/18SET 1: Blaze On, Backwards Down the Number Line, Brian and Robert, Heavy Things, Miss You, Strange Design, Twenty Years Later, Wolfman’s Brother, Everything’s Right[1], The Inlaw Josie Wales, Sleeping Monkey, Limb By Limb, Waste, Unknown instrumental, Bathtub Gin> Chalk Dust Torture> Back on the TrainENCORE: Bouncing Around the Room, Push On ‘Til the Day, More[1] Trey solo acoustic debut.You can listen to full audio of the show courtesy of taper Noah Bickart (via and check out a full list of upcoming Trey Anastasio solo acoustic tour dates below. For more information on the tour, or any of Trey’s upcoming tour plans with Phish and Trey Anastasio Band, head here.[Stream via Jam Buzz]Upcoming Trey Anastasio Solo Acoustic Tour DatesFeb. 9 – Ithaca, NY – State TheatreFeb. 10 – Cambridge, MA – Sanders TheatreFeb. 12 – Pittsburgh, PA – ByhamFeb. 13 – Wilmington, DE – Grand Opera HouseFeb. 14 – Washington, DC – Sixth and IFeb. 16 – Durham, NC – Carolina TheatreFeb. 17 – Charlotte, NC – Knight TheatreFeb. 18 – Athens, GA – Classic Center[Cover photo via LazyLightning55a]last_img read more


Bus plunges into reservoir, killing 21

first_imgAT least 21 people have died and 15 injured after a bus plunged into a reservoir in China. Eyewitnesses said those on the bus included high-school students on their way to take the “gaokao” university entrance exams. EPA The cause of the crash is currently under investigation. Those on board reportedly included students who were scheduled to take the “gaokao” university entrance exams, state media said. The driver, who is among the dead, had worked on this bus route since 1997, Xinhua said. The vehicle was travelling on a bridge on Tuesday in Anshun, Guizhou province when it crashed through a roadside barrier and fell into the water. It’s unclear how many people were on the bus at the time and how many of those were students. (BBC)last_img


IDC’s R1bn to fast-track growth

first_img23 January 2006South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has launched new financing schemes totalling R1-billion for 2006, in support of the government’s strategy to boost the country’s economic growth rate. The IDC is a self-financing national development finance institution, established in 1940 to promote economic growth and industrial development in South Africa.The corporation’s new schemes are geared towards creating jobs, developing small businesses, promoting black economic empowerment, expanding franchising operations and building labour-intensive projects in South Africa’s rural areas. The investment forms part of the government’s plan to boost the country’s economic growth to a sustained 6% a year and halve unemployment by 2014.Substantially higher levels of fixed investment are required to achieve these goals, the IDC says. Investment as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) must increase from the 16.5% recorded in 2004 to at least 25% of GDP.And it is estimated that more than 400 000 new jobs must be created every year to reduce unemployment by 50% over the next decade. South Africa’s unemployment challenge has to be tackled with increased and sustained private and public sector investment.Competitive financing“We encourage companies to invest in labour-intensive ventures or expand their existing operations,” IDC CEO Geoffrey Qhena said at the launch of the initiative in November. “We have therefore reviewed our general pricing approach to fund investments with a high developmental impact, focusing particularly on job creation.“Our leadership and development strategy has identified competitive financing for development as one of the key instruments to enhance investment activity and therefore contribute to elevating South Africa’s economic growth rate. Hence, we have designed customised development financing schemes to stimulate private sector investment over the medium- to long-term.“In essence, IDC development financing … should reflect both risk and developmental returns. Financing provided to IDC’s clients with different risk profiles and development impact must be priced differently.”Five new schemesThe R1-billion is to finance five new development schemes:The IDC’s Pro SME Jobs Scheme will receive R600-million, which will go towards creating jobs and developing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by encouraging businesses to embark on labour-intensive start-ups and expansions. Loans will be available for SMEs in all economic sectors, at a rate of prime less 5%. The Pro Franchising Scheme is to get R100-million as capital funding for emerging entrepreneurs to establish new franchised outlets, as well as to help franchisers with at least three outlets to expand their networks through a wholesale funding facility. The loans will be priced at prime less 5%. Some R200-million will go to the Pro Orchards Scheme to create jobs in the horticulture sector and promote rural development. Loan funding will be priced at prime less 2.7% and the hurdle rate for equity investments is 2.5% real after-tax internal rate of return (IRR). One of the scheme’s criteria will be the participation of historically disadvantaged individuals. The Pro Forestry Scheme is to get R100-million for job creation, rural development, establishing new black-owned commercial forestry areas, and transferring existing forestry areas to businesses with a broad-based black shareholding. The rate of return expected by the IDC from equity investments in this type of project has been lowered under the scheme to a real after-tax IRR of 2.5%. The Pro BEE Expansionary Acquisitions Scheme aims to help black entrepreneurs acquire substantial shareholdings in established enterprises, and create jobs through their expansion. The transactions must encourage skills development, preferential procurement and the participation of historically disadvantaged individuals at senior decision-making levels. Loans under this scheme will be priced at prime less 2.7%, while the hurdle rate for equity investments is 5% real after-tax IRR.“The IDC’s primary role is to provide risk capital to address market failures,” said Gerrit van Wyk, the corporation’s chief risk officer. “As South Africa’s leading development finance institution, our role is to maximise the developmental impact of our interventions, while safeguarding the IDC’s financial standing.“Therefore, we have designed schemes that are ring-fenced, capped at the specified amounts and have a limited duration – that is, 1 December 2006.” reporter Want to use this story on your website? See Using material.last_img read more


South African wins Mrs World

first_img16 March 2016“I am so proud to be sitting here,” said Mrs South Africa Candice Abrahams on her return to South Africa, after winning the Mrs World title in China on 12 March. “My country has been behind me since I won Mrs South Africa and it’s just so good to be home. It feels amazing and I will not let the country down.”Watch the winning announcement:“Tonight we stand tall, we stand united and we are proudly South African,” said the chief executive of the Mrs South Africa pageant, Joani Johnson, after Abrahams was named the winner.Abrahams arrived back home to a welcoming crowd at OR Tambo International Airport in Ekurhuleni on 15 March.#WelcomeHome #MrsWorld @MrsSA_Official @AbrahamsCandice— Mrs South Africa (@MrsSAPageant) March 15, 2016Watch a snippet of the press conference on her return:There were 36 participants in the 27th annual Mrs World pageant representing their countries. Abrahams wore a traditional costume designed by Anel Botha; her evening gown was designed by Werner Dey.According to the official Mrs World website, all married women, including mothers and grandmothers, are able to participate. “By providing this unique forum, in which delegates from around the world can come together and share a common purpose, Mrs World successfully fosters greater communication, friendship, and mutual understanding among all people,” it reads.South Africans, proud of her achievement, have sent congratulatory messages on Twitter:Congratulations to @AbrahamsCandice who has just been crowned #MrsWorld2016. Thank you for flying our flag high!— South African Gov (@GovernmentZA) March 15, 2016A huge congratulations to our gorgeous #MrsSouthAfrica @MrsSA_Official on taking the #MrsWorld crown last night!— Abigail Visagie (@AbigailVisagie_) March 13, 2016Congratulations Candace Abrahams. Our new Mrs World 2016! South Africa on top again!— Jill Nicholas (@JillNicholas01) March 13, 2016Our very own Mrs World is a flame.— Thabo (@TouchupRamz) March 13, 2016South Africa’s Rolene Strauss also elevated the country’s global profile when she brought home the Miss World title in 2014.South reporterlast_img read more


A NAFTA agreement could open doors around the world for U.S. agriculture

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico continue as the countries try to modernize the agreement. Several chapters in the agreement have closed, but there’s plenty of work left on important topics, including agriculture.“It’s agriculture, automotive, which most of the attention is being spent on right now, it’s government procurement, it’s dispute resolutions, it’s textiles, sunset clause and labor issues with Mexico, in particular,” said Daniel Ujczo, an international trade and customs lawyer with Dickinson Wright in Columbus. “On all of those, there is still a lot of work to do.”Ujczo says the countries are actually coming to an agreement on the controversial American “sunset proposal” clause. While negotiators are working on the automotive issues, he says he sees no hope on settling the government procurement disagreement. Agriculture and textiles are discussed in every round but he’s seen no movement on either topic.President Donald Trump will be putting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, something that Ujczo says threw a monkey-wrench into getting the negotiations done by the end of April. That’s when the Mexican election cycle heats up.“If Mexico concedes on anything it will be seen as conceding with a gun to their head and so I do actually think that tariffs were counterproductive in trying to get a deal done by the end of April,” Ujczo said. “I think the same holds true for Canada because Canada is already not pushing for a speedy deal and that’s to say that I think Mexico and Canada want to take the time to do the deal right. It’s going to be very difficult for both countries to concede with the tariffs hanging over their head.”Ujczo says he understands that farm country isn’t optimistic right now as the agricultural economy continues to struggle. He says there could be some good news on the trade front for agriculture, but it will take some effort and time to reap the rewards.“U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer is also talking about opening up markets in Africa, so there could be some good news on the trade file,” Ujczo said. “There is undoubtedly going to be retaliation from Asia and elsewhere for steel and aluminum tariffs and agricultural goods will be right in the sight lines. But if we get NAFTA right it could be a great model for what we do with the rest of the world.”Currently, the United States has trade agreements with only 10% of the world and that grouping gets 47% of our nation’s exports. That is why the U.S. Department of Agriculture is centering some of their focus on creating trade deals with other countries outside of Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Korea.“We are leaving no stone unturned and we are deep into getting into new countries and uncovering new markets,” said Ted McKinney, USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs. “Let me tell you about India. There are 1.3 billion people there and growing and they are starting to enter into the middle class more and more every day. History books will tell you where people start to spend that first little bit of disposable income — protein and nutrition for their kids. We make protein pretty well and we need to get our product into those types of countries.”One success story in India as far as American products are concerned is with apples.“For whatever reason a few years ago, India did not raise the tariff on Washington apples coming in and a funny thing happened as those apples were on the way to market,” McKinney said. “Washington apples were a top seller and, in turn, Indian apple producers started selling more apples and the Indian population started consuming more and more apples. India’s natural instinct was to throw up a tariff to protect their domestic markets. This was an example that a rising tide lifts all ships.”“There is business to be had around the world and it’s not just China, Canada, Mexico, Korea and Taiwan. We have to go uncover every rock and introduce them to U.S. products, and we are.”last_img read more


HTC Dominating Online Chatter, Says Market Research Firm

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Meanwhile, according to SocialNuggets, the iPhone 4 has been plagued by negative perceptions as of late, due to the fact that it has not been updated, especially compared with newer Android phones, including those that have 4G capabilities. But despite SocialNuggests’ decision to focus on the “negative” chatter about the iPhone, we actually find the graph below fairly impressive. Something tells us that when Apple gives the world a sneak peek at the new version of the iPhone’s OS in at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, these trends will radically shift again, with the iPhone topping both mentions and positive sentiment. What do you think?Note: More details on how SocialNuggets calculates its Index (top chart) is available here. The index combines Share of Voice and Net Perception. After having analyzed over a million conversations taking place in social media channels, market research firm SocialNuggests says that consumers are currently more interested in talking about HTC devices than iPhones. According to the firm’s March smartphone index, the iPhone 4 was ranked 10th, while the HTC Thunderbolt came in at number one. Two other HTC phones rounded out the top three.While it’s always interesting to parse the current social media chatter, does this report have any deeper implications other than being a reflection of the ephemeral and immediate nature of Twitter posts and Facebook updates?HTC Gets Talked About…A LotIn online chatter, the trends show the HTC brand, overall, on the rise. This is not surprising, considering recent headlines like “HTC overshadows Nokia at smartphone launches,” “HTC overtakes Nokia in market value” and “HTC Thunderbolt: First & Last iPhone Killer?“Also this past month, the HTC Incredible S received the highest ranking in terms of net perception. And while not at the top perception-wise, the new HTC Thunderbolt received a good enough score to place it in the number one spot on the smartphone index as the most talked about device. sarah perez This chart shows “Share of Voice,” which only focuses on the raw number of mentions. For example, if there are one million posts (after removing spam), and brand X has 100,000 of the total posts, then its share of voice is 10%.iPhone 4 Still Dominates ConversationsThe Thunderbolt, it should be noted, launched in March 2011 on Verizon Wireless in the U.S. The iPhone 4 launched in June 2010. Looking at the above chart, in terms of sheer mentions, the iPhone is still doing well, it seems, for such an old device.Not only is the iPhone holding its own in this social media ranking against hot new competitors – the Motorola Atrix 4G, the “PlayStation phone” (Sony’s Xperia Play), the various Samsung Galaxy variants, a number of HTC phones, a couple of Droids and even a new mobile operating system from Microsoft (the HTC HD7, running Windows Phone 7) – the device is still dominating the conversation.While it may be true that, as SocialNuggets claims, the sentiment around that conversation is now skewing negative due to consumers’ desire for a new iPhone, that’s not really a net negative for the brand, is it? If your customers are complaining that they want an update, they’re saying, essentially, they want to buy from you again. It’s a different type of negative sentiment than saying that a phone is “terrible,” “doesn’t work,” or is “being returned.” It’s a desire for more. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Related Posts Tags:#Apple#mobile#NYT#Social Web#Trends#web Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more


A List of Concerns Your Dream Clients Need You to Resolve

first_imgAt then end of their buying cycle, buyers try to resolve their concerns. They want to be sure they’re making a good decision. Here is a list of their concerns. You can use this list to think about how you are going to resolve them.Can I Trust You?Buyers know that if something looks to good to be true, it is. Honesty and integrity may be table stakes, but if your buyers have even a shred of doubt that you can be trusted, your deal is lost.Your dream clients first concern is that the trust the person they are hiring to help them.Can You Deliver?Buyers are always concerned about your ability to execute. This is why they want to see your work. It’s why they want to speak to your references.To be one hundred percent confident in giving you their business, your dream client needs to know with great certainty that you can deliver.Is This Value?Your clients are willing to pay more for better results. But they’re always going to be concerned about getting the same result that they could have achieved by paying someone else less. If you can’t defend your differentiated, compelling value, then your dream client is going to have the kind of concerns that drive them to buy on price alone.Your dream clients are always going to be concerned about price and value.Is It Aligned With My Goals?More and more, your dream clients are going to have to make the case that what you sell is going to help them achieve the one to three big goals they’re working on. Their leadership made some decisions about what they’re doing and where their going, and they are going to spend their time, their money, and their energy pursuing those goals.Some of your dream clients will be concerned about your alignment with their company’s goals.Do You Care About Me?Sanders says, “Love it the killer app.” He’s right; caring is the killer app in sales. If you are self-oriented, you prove to your client that you care more about your sale or your commission than you do their results. If they can’t resolve their concerns about how much you care, they aren’t going to buy from you.Some of your dream clients will be concerned that you don’t care enough about them or their business.How Will I Be Judged for Making This Purchase?If what you sell produces the results you promise, your dream client is going to look like a hero. If it fails, they’re going to look like a zero. Either way, they’re going to be judged on the wisdom of their decision to buy from you.Some of your dream clients are going to be concerned on how you are going to make them look.Will This Give Us An Advantage?As you move up the org chart, people with more formal authority—especially those charged with leading the company—are going to be concerned about how you help make them more competitive in their space. They’re going to want to know why you are the best long-term partner for their business, and they’re going to want to know how they can get you to do your best work.Some of your dream clients are going to be concerned whether or not you are big enough to be their partner.QuestionsWhat are your dream client’s most common concerns?Why do they have these concerns? What gave rise to them?How do you uncover their concerns?How do you help them resolve their concerns?last_img read more