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Bojinovićs knee injury problem for Serbia

Mladen BojinovićSerbian handball The most experienced and well known Serbian back, Mladen Bojinović (33) suffered serious knee injury at the last match of the Final in French League Cup in t-shirts of his Montpellier. A 30% of his right knee ligaments is broken showed analysis. In this kind of cases, injury isn’t a solution. With therapy threatment, Bojinović will try to solve this problems and become fit to the latest stage of the Serbian preparation for the WC 2011 in Sweden.Final decision will be taken in France, 4th January.Serbia plays in Group with Croatia, Denmark, Algeria, Romania and Australia. ← Previous Story Mait Patrail the best Estonian handballer in 2010 Next Story → Dragan Gajić on his way to Montpellier?