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Funding Helps Spryfield Community Thrift Store Rebuild Expand

first_imgA thrift store in the heart of Spryfield is turning a crisis into an opportunity for expansion and growth with an investment from the province. Hand in Hand is a unique community-based thrift store that has been helping people help themselves for more than 30 years. The province is investing $37,500 from the Community Jobs and Facilities Improvement Program to help the organization rebuild its storage facility and expand its services. “It is truly exciting that the province can help an organization that is dedicated to building stronger communities by helping families in times of need,” said Premier Darrell Dexter. “Hand in Hand has worked with more than 400 families in the community and, with a little help from the province, this organization will be able to continue making life better when times are tough. I wish Hand in Hand great success as it expands to do even more for families for years to come.” Hand in Hand, a project of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, provides furniture, clothing and other home goods at little or no cost to people in need. In April, the operation was devastated when someone stole the copper pipes linking the storage facility to the oil tank. The vandalism caused so much damage the storage facility needed to be demolished for soil remediation. “This support marks a tremendous milestone for us in our growth of services,” said Heather Coffin, executive director of Hand in Hand. “Without a storage facility, we’ve been turning away donations of things that people need, like couches, chairs and kitchens sets, so it will be great to start taking them in again. “This is very good news for us as we continue to raise funds for this project.” The organization will build a new storage garage and hopes to expand to include a furniture bank and refurbishing project. The group also offers healthy cooking demonstrations and a financial literacy program, with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development. To learn more about Hand in Hand’s fundraising, go to read more


King Mohammed VI to Spend Summer Holiday in Al Hoceima

Rabat – King Mohammed VI is expected to spend some days in Al Hoceima, the epicenter of months-long protests in the Rif, Moroccan news outlet Medias24 reported.The news website cited an official source which stated that the King will “probably” head to Al Hoceima to spend his usual summer holidays in a beach camp located in the city.The same sources added that military elements, “probably” the usual escort of the King, were seen heading to Al Hoceima on Saturday. While the visit seems to be mainly private, the website noted that the King is known for his surprise visits to places where he is not expected. If the visit goes forward, it will be the first time King Mohammed VI will have come to Al Hoceima since protests started in the city on October 28th last year following the death of local fishmonger Mouhcine Fikir.Since the beginning of the crisis, many, including members of the Hirak (the protest movement in Al Hoceima) have been calling for the King’s intervention to address the situation.During Throne Day last month, the monarch granted pardons for dozens of detained Hirak members. A far larger number of detainees, around 200 according to lawyers, remain in prison where they are being prosecuted on serious charges including “undermining the security of the state” and “undermining people’s loyalty to state institutions.”In his Throne Day speech on July 29, the King addressed the crisis of Al Hoceima head on for the first time.While he noted his appreciation for the security forces, he criticized public officials and political parties for dereliction of their duty to implement development projects in the region and for failing to represent their constituents, such that “law enforcement services have found themselves face to face with the citizens.”“What happened there could actually occur in any other region,” said the King.Edited by Elisabeth Myers read more